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Updated Thursdau, February 12, 2009
Sgt Ordway of Lewis and Clark ExpeditionSergeant John Ordway, Lewis & Clark Expedition

Ft. Lewis, in Washington State, was named after Meriwether Lewis> Sgt. Ordway, one of our relatives, was on the Lewis and Clark expedition. In commemoration of the expedition, statues of the participants have been placed at the Main Gate of Ft. Lewis. Read More...

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J Jeske, Jewett, Johnson, Jones
K Keegan, Keeler, Keyes, Kimball, Kimpton, King, Kinney, Klass, Knapp, Knight, Knowles, Knutson
L Lampman, Larson, LaRue, Lary, Lent, Lien, Lightfoot, Lincoln, LNU, Lundy, Lyons
M Marano, Marks, Marsh, Marth, Mathis, Mayhew, McCoy, McGuire, McKean, Merrill, Miller, Moody, Moore, Morse, Moscrop, Moser, Mousall, Murphy, Myers
N Nebergalle, Nelson, Newell, Nichols, Nickel, Norton
O Ordway
P Parmley, Pasley, Patten, Patterson, Peabody, Peak, Pearson, Penner, Peyton, Phelps, Phillips, Plumley, Poore, Porter, Price
R Rasch, Reber, Reccord, Richardson, Roe, Rogers, Ross, Russell
S Sampson, Sargent, Savory, Schroeder, Scribner, Sessin, Seymorer, Short, Slagle, Slocum, Smalley, Smink, Smith, Southworth, Spenny, Stahl, Stephensen, Straw, Strickland, Stroje, Strom, Sullivan, Svenson, Sweetster, Switzer
T Tabor, Taylor, Thatcher, Thompson, Tibbetts, Titcomb, Trahtz
U Ulhorn
V VanHorn
W Walker, Wallace, Walters, Ward, Washburn, Watson, Webb, Webster, Welch, Wheeler, Whiteley, Wilhite, Wilkie, Williams, Wilson, Wood, Woodall, Worden, Wright


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