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Dan Ross

I wish to contact ALL of my living relatives and gather information about ALL of my ancestors. To see a list of my known ancestors and many relatives, CLICK HERE.

My MAIN FOCUS at this time is on Rodney Marshall Ordway AND Barbara Watson & William Ross.

I have placed messages on several family search forums with my email address.




Check out Bonna's face in the next box. I must be O.K. if she's smiling.

She says to me "I'm not laughing AT you, I'm laughng WITH you."

 Bonna Ross
I am interested in the Camooso, Warren, Slocum, and Zindler families.

 Dotti R Watson

Dotti is one of the busiest, most dedicated and prolific genealogists I have ever witnessed. She is all over the internet. To see SOME of her work, go to the search engine and type dotstrer39 into the search box. Click on the "Google Search" button and stand back. She has many photos of tombstones with genealogical info on them and has contributed her info to many other webpages.

Dotti has several genealogy websites and her email address is found on several genealogy family search forums.

Renee Hanna

 Renee's Research Interests

I am interested in information about the Ross, Barringer and Foreman families.

 June Stark

 I am on a Mission at the LDS Family Research Center in Salt Lake City.

I would like to assist any way I am able to with genealogy for interested persons. I have access to a lot, I don't always have a lot of time but will do all I can. I have other Missionaries that like to help so will be happy to be on your list.

 Dennis Brumm
The Genealogy of Dennis Brumm Dennis Brumm has information on the Moscrop family which is also in the database on this website.

 Regina Strickland


I am now working on the Strickland and Hocamp side of the family, since that is Fred's father's side. I am also working on the Dougill side from my grandmother. All the Dougills are still in England, so I'm doing a lot of corresponding with English cousins. The Stricklands also come from England and I have received some information from them. 

To see some Family Histories, Obituaries and my genealogical database, visit my website, The Genealogy of Regina Strickland.

Joan Ordway
 I am researching the Ordway genealogy and family history.

Dorothy (Russell) Hill
 I am collecitng the family history of Royal William Russell and Bertha Reber. I would like inforation about their ancestors and their descendants. Royal and Bertha were my parents and you can see their wedding photo at The Genealogy of Regina Strickland..

 Peg Lauber
I'm looking for any descendants of the children of Edna Ford Ordway and Rodney (the elder) Ordway, esp. Harriet Augusta who married a Russell, Calvin, who may have founded Ordway, CO, and Rodney, the younger, who farmed in MN (I think maybe around St.Cloud.)

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