Help us make a connection. Here are pictures of the William Ross and Barbara Watson family in Philadelphia. They later moved to Iowa. If you have any genealogical information about this family, PLEASE email me.

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 Here's what we almost certainly know about the William Ross and Barbara Watson family.

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 Family Bible Showing birth of Barbara Watson in 1859. Our Barbara Watson was born in 1859 in Ireland


Left: Mabel Clark "Bernie" 

Barbara Watson - Ross and Maggie. Our Barbara Watson had a daughter name Margaret. (Maggie in the 1900 census.)



 Left: James Ross

Right: Barbara Watson - Ross


 Left: Willie Ross, Jr.

Barbara Watson - Ross

Willie Ross

Right: Barbara Watson Ross

Our database does not have a "Willie, Jr." Our database has a "Robert W. Ross" child of Barbara and William Ross

Correction: Census records show that Barbara Watson Ross had 8 children. 3 died before the family move to Iowa from Philadelphia. We don't know their names.  Robert Ross died between 1900 and 1910, 11 -21 years old. The first son could have been Willie, Jr. and could have died in Phiadelphia. These photos were taken in Philadelphis according to theprinting on the bottom right of the larger photo.


Timeline for William Ross and Barbara Watson



 18 Dec 1846  William Ross Birth (source, Louisa (Ross) Peake)  Donegal, Ireland
 Mar 1871 William arrives in USA (source, LRP) Philadelphia, PA
 1877 Marriage to Barbara Watson (source, LRP)  Philadelphia, PA
 1880 Census Probably Philadelphia, PA
 1889 Moved to Iowa  Near Lohrville, Iowa

Census - Census records lost in fire in federal archive bldg

Wm. Ross listed in list of farmers near Lohrville, Iowa

Near Lohrville, Iowa

William and Barbara had had 8 children. 3 died before 1900

Census -

1900 Census on June 7, 1900
William and Barbara had been married for 22 years as of 1900
Ross, William head Dec 1846 age 53
Ross, Barbara (Watson) Oct 1859 age 40
Ross, Thomas son Sept 1884 age 15
Ross, Robert son Aug 1888 age 11
Ross, Maggie daughter 1890 age 9
Ross, Benjamin son Aug 1893 age 7
Ross, Dora daughter Mar 1896 age 4

 Near Lohrville, Iowa

 Ross, Robert died between 1900 and 1910, 11 -21 years old

Census -

William Ross and Barbara Watson in the 1910 census
1910 census Iowa, Calhoun, Union image 15 of 33
Ross, William Head age 63
Ross, Barbara (Watson) wife age 50 8children 4living
Ross, Thomas W. son age 25 born Pennsylvania
Ross, Margaret A daughter 19 born Iowa
Ross, Benjamin L? son age 16 born Iowa
Ross, Dora daughter age 14 born Iowa

 Near Lohrville, Iowa

 Census -

At the 1920 census, the members of the household were :

Ross, William head age 73 born in Ireland
Ross, Barbara (Watson) wife age 60 born in Ireland
Bateman, Harry C. son-in-law age 30 born in Kansas
Bateman, Margaret A. (Ross) daughter age 29 born in Iowa
Slagle, Sidney L. son-in-law age 23 born in Iowa
Slagle, Dora May (Ross) daughter age 23 born in Iowa

 Near Lohrville, Iowa
 1924 Death of William Ross  Near Lohrville, Iowa

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