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March - Anthem of the Free

Wellington South Corps Band Of The Salvation Army - New Zealand


Ring the bells of Heaven! There is joy today,
For a soul, returning from the wild!
See, the Father meets him out upon the way,
Welcoming His weary, wandering child.


Glory! Glory! How the angels sing:
Glory! Glory! How the loud harps ring!
'Tis the ransomed army, like a mighty sea,
Pealing forth the anthem of the free.

Ring the bells of Heaven! There is joy today,
For the wanderer now is reconciled;
Yes, a soul is rescued from his sinful way,
And is born anew a ransomed child.


Ring the bells of Heaven! Spread the feast today!
Angels, swell the glad triumphant strain!
Tell the joyful tidings, bear it far away!
For a precious soul is born again.


When the Texas Gulf Coast Area Band was formed, we only had older band music. This march was among the music we inherited and we played it frequently. After I became bandmaster, we found that there was new music at City Coimmand.

This march is one of my all time favorites for several reasons. This is the first Salvation Army band marches I ever heard. When I was a kid in Sheridan, Wyoming, one of our corps officers gave us a Chicago Staff Band record. This march was on that record along with Rousseau and a Wilfred Heaton piece.

When I got to Vietnam, I turned on the radio and the first thing I heard was a Seventh Day Adventist choir singing "Ring the Bells of Heaven" in Vietnamese.

In the Texas Gulf Coast Area Band, our timbrel leader, Shirley, had a timbrel routine for this march and we plyed it for them at most of our early concerts.

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Texas Timbrels in Mexico
The Texas Gulf Coast Area Timbrel Brigade at the Children's Home in Reynosa, Mexico

Timbrels of the Easton Corps in the United Kingdom
New York City Timbrels
New York City Timbrel Brigade, USA
Texas Timbrels in Mexican Federal Prison
The Texas Gulf Coast Area Timbrel Brigade in a Mexican Prison
Texas Timbrels in Costume in Galveston
The Texas Gulf Coast Area Timbrel Brigade Performing Before an Audience of 250,000 at the "Dickens on the Strand Festival" in Galveston, Texas, USA in period uniforms required by the Dickens Festival officials.
Australian Timbrels
Clip Art from the website photo library
Walth-upon-Dean Corps
Timbrels of the Walth-upon-Dean Corps in the United Kingdom
Texas Timbrels on television
The Texas Gulf Coast Area Timbrel Brigade in a Mexican Television Studio
Texas Timbrel Leader Shirley
Shirley, the leader of the Texas Gulf Coast Area Timbrel Brigade at a picnic stop on the way to Mexico with the Texas Gulf Coast Area Band and Timbrel Brigade
Shildon Corps (UK) timbrels
The Shildon Corps (UK) timbrels in the 1950s
Timbrels in New York City
Timbrels in New York City, USA
Playa Ancha Corps in Chiule timbrels
Timbrel Brigade of the Playa Ancha Corps in Chiule, South America
Timbrels, Carlisle Citadel
Senior Timbrels, Carlisle Citadel, United Kingdom
Seattle Temple Timbrel
Seattle Temple Timbrel Brigade, Seattle, Washington, USA 1989
Chelmsford Citadel (UK) Timbrel
The Chelmsford Citadel (UK) Timbrel Brigade marching with the Chelmsford Citadel Corps band in Upper Norwood, United Kingdom

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