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Isaac Franklin Ordway in 1924


Isaac Fraklin Ordway n 1924

Mabel (Kinny) Ordway in 1924


Mabel (Kinney) Ordway 1903


E. Ordway


Isaac and Sybil Ordway
Tom and ??


Charlotte Ordway Castleman and Josiah Castleman


Harry, Charlotte (Ordway) Castleman, his grandmother and Thea 1932


Photo by F. D. Hunt, Chesterton, Indiana
Justus, Schuyler and Josiah
3 of Charlote (Ordway) & Josiah Castleman's children
Contributor's grandfather center


Harry visiting his sister Alice's daughters, Jeanne, Bonnie and Joanne 1953


left: Charlotte Elizabeth Ordway Castleman
with older sister Edna Lydia Ordway


Jessie Lightfoot Schuler, daughter of Edna Lydia (Ordway.) Lightfoot.

She was married to Charlie Schuler.

They lived in or near Chicago and had an electric car.

 This is a "Family Card" in my Genealogy Database.

  • Rodney Morse Ordway is my Great Great Grandfather.
  • Lucy Augusta Ordway is my Great grandmother..
  • Elsie Delight Russell is my Grandmother.

I have one photograph of Lucy Ordway. If you have any photos of ANY of these people, I would appreciate a

SCANNED copy of the picture. If you are related to ANY of tese people, please email me using the form





For easier use of this information, highlight the text, copy it, paste it into a word processor, print it and then you can read it while looking at the pictures.

Here are two pictures of Charlotte Eliz. Ordway Castleman with children, grandchildren, and some great-grandchildren c. 1920. Maybe you could put this somewhere on your website.
You'll see that Charlotte wasn't over 4'11" or 90 lbs. all her life, while her sister Edna Lydia in a pic. we have of her and C. (that I mean to send you when we get back to Eau Claire, WI, about the first of April) is a head taller and big boned with a square jaw (which my grandmother, her third dau., inherited.) In the one with just her and her children, they are, l.to r., Ella Knapp, her first dau., b. c. 1861, Josiah, one of the twins, b. 1873, Charlotte, Justus (named after Rodney the older's, brother in Illinois who took Lucy and Isaac Franklin into his home and up to Blue Earth, MN, from around Peoria)Maude, the youngest dau. b. June 6, 1876, and Edna, my grandmother and C's third dau. Missing are Alice, the sec. dau., who died young in 1897, Schuyler Colfax, b. c. 1867, and Leroy Milton who went out to CA for his health.

In the more populated pic. on the l. is Little Edna Knapp, whose father was Vernon Knapp, Ella's oldest,so Charlotte's oldest great grandchild (I knew her--she just died.)
I feel I know them all having been brought up w/my grandmother in the house. She had a picture of Charlotte in her bedroom where she'd see it the last thing at night and first thing in the morning); next is Justus, then Ella, my grandmother Edna, her husband Rev. John John (who immigrated unintentionally from Wales) and my beloved, beautiful mother, Margaret Eliz., Charlotte, Edna Knapp(Ella's sec. dau.) Vernon/Vernie; Leona, Josiah's (Jose) wife with Jim Knapp, Vernon's youngest; Jose with their son Johnny' Alice Gondring, then Maude Castleman Gondring, her mother at the end, with Maude's youngest, Augustus, who is celebrating his 88 birthday in NC (though he's Hoosier through and through and still plays violin and piano every day even though he can't use one let (a physical problem for my mother and Jose too--one in every generation) and next to Augustus is Vernon's second dau. Ethyl who's 87 and living in Lafayette, LA, so we've seen her recently--last winter when we were down her in New Orleans for 3 months.

Peg Lauber sent us these two pictures.

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