Children of Luella Blanche (Davis) Moore

and Vinson Moore.


My mother, Estelle (Moore) Lee at work at the Boeing Company. She did a special

wiring job on every Boeing 747 built while she was employed there. I worked at

Boeing to pay my way through college. My grandmother, Luella Davis, also worked

at Boeing during WWII. In some of the pictures you see of her on this website she

is wearing a lapel pin of a four engined Boeing airplane.

My mother, Estelle, in front of our home in

Sheridan, Wyoming, when my father was the

Pastor of the Church of the Nazarene. She lives

in Idaho now.

My mother, Estelle (Moore) Lee, first daughter of Vinson Moore and

Luella Blanche (Davis) Moore in the 70's.

Vinson and Luella's second child, Vinson Moore, Jr.,

in the kitchen Grampa built. We lived in this house

for several years. My grandfather, Vinson, bought

the land and housing materials for $1,000. He then built the

house. It was on the water and we could fish for salmon, red

snapper, rockfish and flounder off of the back yard. Grampa

built a boat and had a dock and hoist to pull the boat out of

the water. Gramma, Luella, sold the house for about $135,000

after Grampa died. Today the house is used as a combination

home and "Ballard Bait and Tackle Shop."

Betty Lou Moore in the Navy during WWII. She was fourteen, I believe.

She took my mother's identification and joined the Navy.

Betty Lou Moore. She disappeared around 1953. She was torn

between leaving her husband or going to Cuba with him on a job.

He was in the signal corps during WWII. The last anybody ever heard

of her, she phoned my grandmother and told her the car was packed

and she would leave Denver for Casper as soon as she hung up. My

uncles drove up and down the highway between Denver and Casper many

times looking for her or her car. For years, my grandmother, Luella,

would buy Betty Lou a Christmas present, wrap it, and put it under the

tree believing Betty Lou would come home for Christmas. Many of us

think that Betty Lou went with her husband and is now living in California,

proabably in or near Hollywood..



Luella and Vinson's youngest son, Alvin Elwood Moore, named after my

great grandfather, Alvin Elwood Davis. Alvin lives in Seattle.

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