My Great Grandparents

Parents of My Grandmother, Luella Blanche Davis

Martha Susan Hill and Alvin Elwood Davis



  The above item is all of the information I have in my database. This family card includes information from Carl Davis and wife in Emmett, Idaho, for which I am grateful, and from the 1920 US Census. If you have information about this family, please enter it in the space below.


  My Maternal Grandparents

Vinson Moore and Luella Blanche Davis

My grandmother, Luella Blanche Davis, married Vinson Moore. She was 18 years old and he was 37 years old. It was her first and only marriage and his second.


Yes, he DID own a necktie.


How They Met

One day, my grandmother was on the way to school. As she walked along, she came across four boys playing in the snow. They had no shoes on and no coats. She stopped and asked them where their parents were. They told her their mom had left them and their father was at work. She thought it wasn't right to leave the boys so she skipped school and took them in the house. They had not had breakfast so she got them properly dressed, including shoes, and fed them.


Soon she heard a voice shout, "Who the H___ are you!?" It was Vinson Moore returning home from work. When my grandmother told me this, she left out a lot of the story. She later married him and took good care of his boys. She had four children with Vinson including my mother, and they stayed together until his death in 1979. They were married 57 years.

Information I Need

Vinson Moore's parents were Uriah Moore and Martha Estella Godwin. Uriah Moore left Nebraska to take the body of his wife back to Little Rock, Arkansas, for burial. I have no further information about Uriah and Martha. If you know anything else abouotthem please put your comments in this form and click on the "Submit" button.

I am sifting through about a hundred photos of this family prepared for this site. Keep checking by DAILY to see the new Moore / Davis photos and read the family history as I uncover it.

 I suspect that my grandfather (Vinson) knew members of my grandmother's family and men from both families (Davis and Moore) worked for the Union Pacific Railroad in North Platte, Nebraska. Men from both families appear to be found on these pages:
 Davis men are found at: UPRR Seniority List: A thru E
 Moore men are found at: UPRR Seniority List M thre Q

 Vinson Moore married Adeline Edith Holman on May 11, 1906. They had either four or five sons (I'm so confused!!).

These are their sons. The guys my grandmother found playing shoeless in the snow.


Write the names of these guys from left to right and let me know if there were five

brothers or four. The last of these brothers died in 2000.


My Grandfather - Vinson Moore about 1920

This photo was provided by my Cousin - Bill Charles Moore, Jr.


Check back daily to see more pictures.

I'll let you know when I'm finished adding pictures to this album

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