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There is no classified information whatsoever in this series of web pages. However, you can do me a favor. I lost my original DD214 and the VA and Army told me that the Fed copy was burned when the building in St. Louis burned down. If you happen to come across my DD214, please mail me a copy. Do it for a fellow spook. Thanks guys.


Within two weeks after posting the above on my website, I received my DD214 in the mail. Thanks to whomever sent it. You've saved me several thousand dollars in 2003 alone.

Dr Dan's Army Experience 02 - How I went into the Army


So there I was in a real pickle. I was having all kinds of problems. I got the phone call from the draft board and now I had to stay alive. Dr. Peek had told us we were going to Vietnam and now it was happening. I went into life saving mode. At the time, if a draft eligible guy lived in a seaport, he got on the Coast Guard waiting list. We didn't think there was much chance of going to Vietnam in the Coast Guard, so I had prudently gotten on the waiting list quite some time before. They had even called me and told me I could apply for enlistment a month or two before and I told them, "Never mind. I've got a 'student deferment,' and I didn't apply.



 Dr Dan,

The man in tan,

If he can't bore you,

nobody can.

Check back in a couple of days. The saga continues. I visit a recruiter . I get another phone call. My nephew Mark meets David, his new baby brother. The Special Intelligence interview takes place. You will read about my trip to the northern woods of Minnesota to visit my Aunt Margaret. Eddy Williams and I get shot at by a sniper. I hang out with Salvation Army missionaries in Saigon. The largest surrender of North Vietnamese Army regular troops takes place next to our compound while I'm on guard duty. It's boring but educational.

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