On Memorial Day 2001, Ken and Martha (Ross)Winkelman had a cookout at their cabin near Donnelly, Idaho, 88 miles north of Boise.

Thursday, we drove to Pullman, WA, and met Jordana at Washington State University. The next day, Bonna Jordana and I drove to Nampa, Idaho. On Memorial Day, we drove to Ken and Martha's cabin in Donnelly. We put about 1500 miles on the mini-van that weekend.

 Picture A: L to R: Chauncey Morton, Mark Winkelman, Ken Winkelman, David Winkelman, Dan Ross
 Picture B: Shelee Winkelman, Leslie Winkelman, Dan Ross, Jordana Ross, Spencer and Ken Winkelman
 Picture C: Allison Winkelman and her usual, a bowl of whipped cream.
 Picture D: L to R: Estelle Lee, Bonna Ross, and Heidi, Allison, David, and Joshua Winkelman
 Picture E: Spencer, Sheleen, Martha, Jordana
 Picture F: Chauncey, David, Ken
 I have pictures of the whole group on another roll of film. It's this kind of thing that makes me think I should have used a digital camera.


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