The Repertoire of The Salvation Army Texas Gulf Coast Area Band


The Beautiful City

International Staff Ban, UK


'Tis true, there's a Beautiful City,
and it's streets are paved with gold.
No earthly tongue can describe it,
it's glories can never be told.

I know, I know,
I know I shall be there!
I know, I know,
I know I shall be there!

There none but the pure and the holy
may ever enter in,
You can not go there my brother
if still you're the servant of sin,

Will you, wil you,
say will you meet me there?
Will you, wil you,
say will you meet me there?

And you may go there my brother
for Christ has died on the tree.
The blood for thy cleansing is flowing,
it saves a poor sinner like me.

Praise god! Praise God!
Praise God you may be there!
Praise god! Praise God!
Praise God you may be there!

In The Texas Gulf Coast Area Band we played a transcription of this that features the Trombone section. It sounded very much like the pop group "Trombones Unlimited." I love this piece.


Hear Great Salvation Army Brass Bands on your computer. While waiting for the music to start, scroll down the page to read my histroy with the Salvation Army.

 Festival Series: The Prayer Meeting  Cornet Solo

 We were pretty much stuck with s lot of older, but great, music when I took the band. We played tons of the older stuff and then I was told about the newer music at the Area Command Headquarters. We played every piece of music I found at Area Command.

There was nothing that escaped us. There was some weird music in this library but we played it all. In fact, The only thing we didn't play was the cornet duet "Quicksilver" which I had just passed out to the band when Bonna and I moved back to Seattle.

In each section of our band, we had top notch players. Every body in those positions had played in a lot of different Salvation Army and school bands. This was the busiest, most productive band I have ever played in. There was no piece of music they could not handle. All of the Solo Cornet section were ladies who had won awards in every band camp they went to. They were excellent. Except for J.D. Hopps, this band had the best horn section of any band I ever played in. I never admitted this to them, but the Euphonium section, was really impressive. They even impressed me and I'm not easily impressed.

 The Better World  Euphonium Solo
 Il Est Ne (He is Born)  French Christmas Carol
 Salvation's Song  March
 Coventry  Selection
 Reflections in Nature  Meditation
 Britannia  March
 Marche Joyeuse  March

 General Series: Reunion March  
 Marching Onward March  I first heard this march when the Rose Bowl was broadcast on New year's. The SA band played this. I mentioned it to an employee at Houston Area Command and she told me there was a drawer full of music that had never been opened. This march was there. If you want to hear a few bars of what I heard when we played this, click on the name of the march. This is one of this marches that just comes naturally. Making a huge exception to my rule that we didn't play anything in public without playing it in at least three different rehearsals, we played this march two weeks after our first look at it in the Houston Opera House for the intermission of "Guys and Dolls." By the way, the two women on which the "Guys and Dolls" play was based, attended the Asbury Park Citadel Corps with my wife Bonna. At that time, they were retired and living at the Salvation Army Officer's Retirement home in Asbury Park, New Jersey.
Cairo Red Shield March  
 Keep Singing  March  
 Road to Emmaus Selection  
 A Singing Heart Selection  

 Shout Aloud Salvation

(Once only! We were in the South after all.)

 Song Arrangement

This tune is "Marching Through Georgia." We played this one night. After the concert, one of our most ardent supporters came to me and said, "If you don't promise me right now that you'll NEVER play that song again I will NEVER come to another of your band concerts." Hey! Nobody talks to me that way and gets away with it! I immediately said, "Yes, ma'am" and took out a felt tip pen and crossed it off our concert list. We never played it again. OK, I'm no fool. Her husband played in the band as well as her daughter and son in law. I give in so easily. People in the South are still sensitive about the "War of Northern Aggression" and the Union's battle songs.

If you aren't from the South and you are planning a band trip to the South, DO NOT PLAY "SHOUT ALOUD SALVATION."

Praise My Soul Song Arrangement  (This was our warm up. We played it first thing at every rehearsal and every concert. I pretended we were playing "Symphony of Thanksgiving." We didn't have that music or I would have been playing that!)
 Praise to the Lord, the Almighty  Song Arrangement  We used this to accompany a singing group at the Nazarene Church's 4th of July meeting
 St. Bee's Song Arrangement  
All in the April Evening  Song Arrangement  
On Parade  March  

 Triumph Series: The Beautiful City Song Arrangement

 We always had at least one full concert's worth of "Triumph Series" Music prepared in case we got somewhere and we didn't have a full General Series or Festival Series sized band. Most of the Triumph Series Repertoire included selections containing songs by Sidney Cox. A little secret I never told the band.

"The Beautiful City" is one of my all time most favorite hymn tune arrangements. My only complaint is that it doesn't contain all three verses of the song.

 Schaffhausen  March

Canadian Brass Band Journal


 Unity Series:

Scotian Glen March

 When I was a teenager, the only opportunity we had to play Festival Series music was at band camp or in the Divisional Band. So I would take every opportunity to play everything I could get my hands on. I would get into the chest of music at band camp and play every Euphonium and Trombone part of every Festival Series piece.

I expanded this at the Seattle Temple Corps by going into the band library and playing every single General and Triumph Series Band Journal Euphonium and Trombone part. I was insatiable. I found other stuff we never played and part of that was the Unity Series and the Canadian Brass Band Journal which was designed to be played by small ensembles.

I found some of this music in Houston Temple's band room and used it in the Area Band. We could play a 45 minute concert using only Unity Series and the Canadian Brass Band Journal which only six bandsmen. This enabled the Area Commander to have a band available at a moment's notice if he even had a hint the Divisional Commander would be in the area or a request for a small ensemble came in.

Jesus Himself Drew Near Song Arrangement

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 Tell your Salvation Army friends about this website. Chapter Ten about our Seattle Temple Corps Experience is going to be very interesting, but you have to read every chapter in order to understand Chapter 10. You won't be disappointed.

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