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The Repertoire of The Salvation Army Texas Gulf Coast Area Band

Trombone Section

Cornet Alto Horn Euphonium Trombone Bass

I Bring Them All To Jesus

Birmingham Songsters, UK


I bring my heart to Jesus, with its fears,
With its hopes and feelings, and its tears;
Him it seeks, and finding, it is blest;
Him it loves, and loving, is at rest,
Walking with my Saviour heart in heart,
None can part.

I bring my life to Jesus, with its care,
And before His footstool, leave it there;
Faded are its treasures, poor and dim;
It is not worth living without Him.
More than life is Jesus, love and peace,
Ne'er to cease.

I bring my sins to Jesus, as I pray
That His blood will wash them all away;
While I seek for favor at His feet,
And with tears His promise still repeat,
He doth tell me plainly: Jesus lives,
And forgives.

I bring my all to Jesus, He hath seen
How my soul desired to be clean.
Nothing from His altar I withhold
When His Cross of suffering I behold;
And the Fire descending brings to me,

My Heart,
My Life,
My Sin,
My All,
I bring them to Him.

In The Texas Gulf Coast Area Band we played a transcription of this that features the Trombone section. It sounded very much like the pop group "Trombones Unlimited." I love this piece.


We had a very good Trombone section. When I rirst played in the band, I played Trombone. We went through several cycles of officers being transferred in and out, some of whom played Trombone. At one time, the officer in charge of the ARC played Trombone in our band. We also had a guy who had been a Trombonist in the NBC orchestra. My favorite Trombone player was a retired officer who lived in the Dallas area. He would drive 250 miles one way from Dallas on Friday, be in band practice on Saturday and go home Sunday afternoon. He was very faithful and a really good Trombone player. He had a daughter in Houston and would stay with her family while there for band practice or concerts.

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