If you would like to play in an authentic British Brass Band near Seattle/Redmond, go to Puget Brass.
If you would like an authentic British Brass Band to perform at your church, club, or school, go to Puget Brass.

The Puget Brass band members are friendly and great musicians. There are about a half dozen school band directors in it and their bass section includes one of the best brass instrument repairmen in the US. The Euphonium section includes a graduate of the United States Armed Forces Music School who drives from South Tacoma to play in the band. If I leave my house in Shoreline at 5:15 P.M. I can get there early, but I don't have any traffic at all except for about a half mile near Redmond. Redmond High School is only about 30 miles from my home in Shoreline. Rehearsals are at the Redmond High School Band Room.

This is a busy band that performs at schools, churches and all kinds of venues. For church services, they could probably play any hymn tunes you want and they also play Salvation Army music by composers such as William Himes, James Curnow, and Stephen Bulla. Recent concerts have included Monroe Jr. High for recruiting kids into the school band program and all three services at University Presbyterian Church in Seattle. The website includes upcoming concert information.

It's serious fun! Check out the website of Puget Brass.


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