Command Structure Over The Salvation Army Texas Gulf Coast Area Band

March - Salvation's Song

Birminham Citadel Band - UK


I'm so happy here's the reason why
Jesus took my burdens all away
Now i'm singing as the days go by
Jesus took my burdens all away
Once my heart was heavy with a load of sin
Jesus took the sin and gave me peace within my heart
and now i'm singing as the days go by
jesus took my burdens all away!!!!

We'll sing in the morning the songs of Salvation
We'll sing in the noontide the songs of God's love
And when we have arrive at the end of our journey
We'll sing the songs of Zion in the Courts Above

This march was written by William Gordon, bass trombonist in the Cariboo Hills Temple Band, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. The first time we played this march in the Texas Gulf Coast Area Band, when we finished the band was shouting, cheering and applauding. In Texas, the next higher level of enthusiasm involves firearms. We were lucky nobody was carrying that day. This march was so great and the band did so well on it that we broke the rule on how often we had to practice a piece before we played it in public. The following week we played it on our trip to Laredo and Nuevo Laredo.


Hear Great Salvation Army Brass Bands on your computer. While waiting for the music to start, scroll down the page to read my histroy with the Salvation Army.


 Major Frierson was appointed as City Commander in Houston. The Command was later enlarged and became the Houston Area Command.

Major Frierson asked Curtis to form the band. Major Frierson also played Bass in the band along with his two Solo Cornet playing daughters. They could only be described as "Extreme Musicians." Major Frierson's older daughter was a professional vocal soloist and Major Frierson sang "It Is Well With My Soul" as a vocal solo accompanied by the band. His younger daughter was the Principle Solo Cornet player.

The Divisional Commander not only approved the formation of the Salvation Army Texas Gulf Coast Area Band, but he also played in the band. We appeared with the Divisional Commander at every Annual Dinner in the Houston Area Command. He accompanied the band on some trips to Mexico and played Euphonium in the band.

The Divisional Commander appeared at the University of Houston "Christmas Kettle Classic" which was held with the basketball star Akeem Olajuwan attracting a standing room only crowd of over 10,000 people where he addressed the crowds between quarters and played Bass Drum with the Texas Gulf Coast Area Band.

You may visit The Houston Area Command Official Website and even hear recordings of the "Texas Brass in Brazil" on that website.

Commanders and Bandsmen

The Salvation Army Texas Gulf Coast Area Band at lunch at the Children's Home in Mexico With "The Commanders"

 On the left at the end of the table are "The Commanders" Third from the left is Major Frierson, Houston Area Commander, Next is the Texas Divisional Commander, Next is the Houston Adult Rehabilitation Center Commander and finally, Col. Cleveland, former Commander of The Salvation Army in Mexico. All of these men also played in The Salvation Army Texas Gulf Coast Area Band on this trip. Each year, Major Frierson would invite a V.I.P. to accompany the Band to Mexico. These people were generally "Important" because they were fluent in Spanish and had some connection with Command of The Salvation Army in Mexico.

To illustrate the importance of Col. Cleveland, one night we had finished the Youth Councils meeting at about 1:30 A.M. We were extremely tired and were just about to get on the bus to go back to the hotel. Suddenly, the three people who had gotten on the bus were ejected. I watched as the Mexican Officer in Charge began a conversation with the two bus drivers. I got Col. Cleveland and told him it looked like there was about to be a fight in front of the bus. He went over and talked to the two bus drivers and the Mexican Salvation Army Officer. Then he reached in his pocket and pulled out $50 and handed it to the bus driver. They opened the doors again and some of the bandsmen got on the bus.

Suddenly, the bandsmen on the bus were ejected. I got Col. Cleveland again and he talked to the bus drivers again. Then he turned to us and said, "They say they'll be searched when they return to the bus yard. If they are found with American dollars they'll be fired or go to jail. I don't have enough Pesos to pay them off." So every body reached into their pockets and got enough Pesos together to buy back Col. Cleveland's $50. Our Mexican officer was fit to be tied, but Col. Cleveland calmed him down and we got on the bus and got back to the hotel.

Texas Divisional Commander

 On the bus with our Divisional Commander.

"Let's see. It's Saturday. This must be Reynosa.

That's my six year old daughter, Jordana, in the upper left of this picture. She went on all of our Mexico trips.

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 Tell your Salvation Army friends about this website. Chapter Ten about our Seattle Temple Corps Experience is going to be very interesting, but you have to read every chapter in order to understand Chapter 10. You won't be disappointed.


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